Sleepless in Toledo


I rolled over in bed the other night, and boom! Wide awake. I looked at the clock, 2:19 a.m. Ugh! Too early to get out of bed, but my mind instantly started racing. 

“Oh no! I never replied to that email today. Ok, mental note; do that in the morning. Oh and reschedule Mylee’s eye doctor appointment, it is booked too close to practice time. What was I thinking, why I did I schedule it then anyway? I need to get the oil changed, I should do that while the girls are at practice. Wait, did Mikayla ever get her yearbook? I wish this dog would get out of my bed, that’s probably why I woke up. Shoot! Macie’s cheer uniform is still in the washer. I have to get to sleep I am going to be so tired in the morning! Did I tell Mike the date for the Heart Ball? I really hope he can go with me. When will I have time to get to the grocery store this week, we are out of everything right now. What am I even going to pack them for lunch? I should get up early tomorrow to do the elliptical before work. Right, who am I kidding? Ugh, 2:30, I have to get to sleep. Mikayla needs a snowball dress, I hope we can find a good deal, she is so picky though. When are we even going to go shopping? What is this pain in my tooth, I better not be getting a cavity. It’s alright just make a dentist appointment tomorrow. Did we ever get the dates for the rest of the cheer competitions this year?  I better email Coach tomorrow. I hope Mike booked the hotel for the Columbus competition. Did Mylee practice her spelling words? Why is she struggling with those so badly this year? Is that a new roll on my back? Seriously, DO the elliptical tomorrow Kerri! Why is this dog laying right under my butt, I cannot even move. Oh no! I didn’t mail that stack of bills in my purse. Get stamps tomorrow.”

At 2:40am I decided to get up to go the bathroom. Then I struggled with more of the same types of thoughts until I finally dozed off at I-don’t-even-know-what-time. 

The next day I, once again, forgot to reply to that email. I did not reschedule Mylee’s eye appointment. The oil still needs to be changed. I have yet to see the yearbook. Macie took care of her uniform. I haven’t told Mike the date of Heart Ball. I still have not been to the grocery store. I have no idea when Mikayla is getting her dress. Tooth pain went away so I didn’t schedule the dentist appointment. We coincidentally got the schedule without asking for it. Mylee did okay, not great, but okay, on her spelling test and I still need stamps. But I promised myself I’ll do the elliptical tomorrow.