Mindless Eating vs.Mindful Eating

. August 10, 2012.

“If it’s there you will eat it!” This statement is true for many of us and its not improving the obesity epidemic we are facing today. Here are a few tips to help when it comes to the tempting food commercials and delicious cues that bombard us everyday.

Stress. When you are stressed, you are more likely to overeat and reach for unhealthy junk foods. Self control is difficult and seconds are automatic. Beware of stress and plan to combat it with extra exercise and healthy snacks

Food pushers. These individuals don’t help you with healthy eating or healthy habits. They will tempt you, tease you and break you! Be confident in your plan and keep in mind your long term goals.

Food Cues. When it comes to your five senses, high fat food can hijack them all with virtually no effort. Cues to eat are everywhere and avoiding them is nearly impossible.

Make a list before you go shopping. Don’t go shopping hungry, and review the menu for a restaurant choice online before you decide to go out to eat.

Distraction. Hunger sometimes has little to do with why we eat. Social events, celebrations and boredom can encourage eating in many cases. Try taking a walk, doing a crossword puzzle, reading or chewing a stick of sugar free gum instead of digging into the bowl of peanuts in front of you!

Skill power. In today’s challenging food environment will power is over-rated. You must choose the skills that help you make healthy choices. Start by never skipping breakfast, stock your pantry with healthy food choices and utilize a food journal or fitness app.

Understanding the foods and circumstances that  trigger mindless eating,  planning ahead when shopping and cooking healthy meals for your family will support a healthy and happy family. A more mindful approach to eating will instill good  habits and a healthy future for everyone in your brood.