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Super mom meals on the go

It’s 5pm—do you know what you’re going to make for dinner? With a few helpful and healthy tips you can turn your worrisome dining experience into a meaningful one. A few minutes of planning before you go shopping can help save you from a freak-out later. If you can find time on Saturday or Sunday

Choosing wisely

Have you ever felt frustrated while trying to shop healthy for your family? Than do I have the answer for you! The Andersons Market in Sylvania! – Begin with the beautiful display of fresh local fruits     and veggies. – Fill your cart with all the colors of the rainbow. – Did you know that

New Year, and New You

  This year I have another idea! Try making a resolution that you can pull off! Let me share my tips on how to accomplish your goals in 2013 so you and your family have the best year ever! Start with one realistic resolution! If your goal is too big or over whelming you may

The balancing act, part I

Pack lunch, kids to school, sign fieldtrip release, work, meeting, phone call, dog to vet, pick up kids, dinner, laundry and exercise if time allows. Does this sound anything like your daily routine? Do you frequently find your needs falling to the bottom of the to-do list? If you answered emphatically YES, you are not