Choosing wisely

. February 5, 2013.

Have you ever felt frustrated while trying to shop healthy for your family? Than do I have the answer for you! The Andersons Market in Sylvania!
– Begin with the beautiful display of fresh local fruits
    and veggies.
– Fill your cart with all the colors of the rainbow.
– Did you know that the Andersons will even core and slice your pineapple or your watermelon to ensure its perfection?
– Now roll your cart a little further and you’ll find a spread of       fresh seafood and meats.
– Load up on packaged portions from the butcher that you    can freeze for the future.
– When choosing your meats look for lean picks with
   no marinades.
– When selecting grains make sure to reach for whole wheat     pastas, brown and wild rice selections, along with (my
   personal favorite) barley.