Score big with a game plan


What does a game plan have to do with your family’s health?

Studies have shown that families that make healthy lifestyle choices together stay healthy together. Here are my top five healthy moves that will help your family score big!

  • Eat dinner together every night! No matter how busy your family is, make a pact to sit down and take 30 minutes to enjoy.
  • Breakfast is a must! Cereal, granola bar, apple? Make sure you rev up your engine with a healthy breakfast every morning.
  • Bedtime routine for kids and adults. A good night’s sleep keeps you healthy and energized.
  • Eat healthy snacks and don’t skip meals! Keep a variety of healthy snacks (like fruits, vegetables, pretzels and nuts) in the house where they are easy to find. Take a timeout for a healthy snack when you’re feeling hungry.
  • Play and exercise together! Take a walk, shoot hoops, even dance your way to improved health. Keep your body moving even if it’s only
  • for 10 to 15 minutes — it all adds up.


—Always Healthy Mom

Michelle Rowe, RN Mercy