Making Morning Easier

Here are some tips to simplify the morning routine
Here are some tips to simplify the morning routine

All parents know the rush and chaos of getting kids to schoolbefore that first bell rings. Here are some tips to simplify the morning routine:

Choose outfits the night before: Lay out your child’s outfit– one that you or he chose– in a convenient place. Perhaps pick outfits for the entire week– checking the weather– and find bins or shelves for the five days of the week, or label hangers Monday through Friday and hang them within your child’s reach. This also helps to avoid last-minute indecision.

Prepare meals ahead: Pack lunches the night before. Have your child help. When they prepare food, they’re more likely to eat it and they might enjoy helping to pack their lunchbox. Planning meals for the entire week cuts down on grocery bills, and reduces waste. You won’t buy what you won’t use and produce or meat won’t spoil.

Designate a school item space: Create a space specifically for school items, such as bookbags, shoes, and coats. If you are limited on space, hang a rack at kid-level in the closet or buy shelves to place in the entryway or a closet. In the morning, place your children’s lunch box in his bin, where all of his other items should be from the day before.