Joshua McDowell On Being An ‘Accidental Dad’

Joshua McDowell, a local Toledo father, recently wrote the book Accidental Dad to openly talk about the struggles of being a single father, especially those battling the courts for custody.  Joshua fought for six years to get custody of his son and said he wanted to provide hope and encouragement to other dads out there. We recently caught up with Josh about being a single dad and how he’s doing things his way.

What has surprised you the most since you became a dad and regained custody of your son?
I think what surprised me the most is having full custody in today’s age because only 4% of dads in America have custody.

What do you enjoy most about being a father?
On the day my son was born, I held him in my arms and promised him a better life than what I had. I enjoy each day God gives me to spend with my son. I love doing the things with him that I wish my father would have done with me as a kid, like throwing the ball around, going on trips together, riding go carts and fishing.

What’s the hardest thing about being a single dad?
For me, the hardest thing about being a father is trying to balance my time with him. I’m not perfect. I have to work to pay the bills. My son sometimes has a hard time understanding that.

Do you have any advice you’d share with other single dads out there?
My advice for the dad’s out there is to never take away your love for your child. Even if you’re fighting with their mother. Never take away your love because your child has done nothing wrong.

Where can folks get a copy of your book, Accidental Dad?
My book is available online in 140 countries worldwide and available to read at the Toledo Public Library.

After six years of court battles,
Joshua McDowell finally gained custody of his son, Alex.
Since then, McDowell has spoken out about
the struggles many single fathers face.