From Tragedy to Triumph: A local mom’s story

Although Camisha Shamaine became a single parent through tragic circumstances, she has blazed a trail from tragedy to triumph, from depression to greatness, and from low self-esteem to confidence. Four years ago, her partner, Joseph Moore, passed away in his sleep of natural causes, and she was left to pick up the pieces with a 6-day-old infant and 2-year-old toddler. Shamaine credits her faith in God, the love and support of her mother, Shawn, and her children with helping her to build her life back, better than before she lost her life partner.

Making a change

One day, Shamaine stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself, and how she had changed, physically and mentally. She was at her heaviest, 190 pounds. She was depressed and didn’t know what to do. She cried out to God and asked him to give her the strength to fix things, and in that moment her mindset began to change. From the time she was 12 years old, she suffered from low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness. Shamaine was bullied and not welcomed because she was “the new, overweight, bubbly, dark-skinned girl”.

Today, Shamaine is at a healthy 135 pounds, has a strong sense of purpose, and is living out her dreams. “There will always be a new day to change your yesterday,” she says. She learned the importance of setting her mind and focusing on positive things, eating healthy on a budget, and using her surroundings to develop a good workout regimen. She even involves her kids, Jailan, 7, and Justin, 4. On any given day, you can catch all three of them working out together or enjoying a “cheat day” from their healthy lifestyle.

Family support

After Joseph’s death, Shamaine’s mother, Shawn, and stepfather, Robert, became an integral part of her family unit. The boys enjoy riding bikes, picking apples and pears, and golfing with their grandparents. In addition to the fun moments, Shawn provides wisdom and consistency for their family as they navigate growing up without their dad. The main thing Shamaine tries to instill in her sons is that they are great and powerful young men, and that the sky is the limit for them.


New found confidence

Camisha Shamaine has grown from self-doubting to a confident woman; after her partner died, she realized she didn’t have a choice, she needed to create a safe space for her children to develop. Along with her new-found confidence, Shamaine had an epiphany about a year ago at two in the morning. She had an idea to start a cosmetics company that was all about helping women feel beautiful and finding their self-worth. SexC Cosmetics was born and she has invested her savings into building her dreams and empowering women. Shamaine’s motto is: “Let go and reclaim YOUR life back! Discover who you really are and pursue your passion.”

Makeup is a way to feel beautiful and validate yourself, so that you are not dependent on another’s narrative of you. Shamaine believes, for many women, it can be extremely difficult to step out and do something different, if we don’t feel beautiful. “Often, confidence comes from beauty,” she says. Shamaine never felt beautiful until a few years ago when she found her inner strength, and now she is taking her empowering story and building a professional speaking platform. Her message of pushing through adversity, following dreams, and building self-confidence is a common struggle and she enjoys speaking to diverse groups.

Q&A with
Camisha Shamaine

What’s your favorite activity to do
with your family/kids?
The boys and I love listening to music, and they try to guess the artist.
Best Holiday memory you have from when you were a kid?
My best memory is Christmas time having half of the living room covered with gifts and opening presents with my brothers.
What’s your go-to activity when you finally have a few minutes to yourself? Journaling and listening to music
Name one thing you swore you’d never do as a mom, but totally do.
I swore I would never be as tough on them academically and make them go to bed by 8pm .
Describe your life in five words.
Blessed, Bright, Memorable, Irreplaceable, Lessons