Final Cut provides excellent cuisine with Hollywood flair

. October 1, 2015.

With a rambunctious 2-year-old boy at home, and a baby on the way, my husband, Alex, and I rarely get time alone. If we do venture out on the weekend, with grandma filling in as babysitter, it’s usually to grab a quick bite, which typically ends up being El Vaquero, to satiate my husband’s obsession with Mexican food. When chef Aaron Lawson of Final Cut allowed us to sample new menu options, we jumped at the opportunity. This would not be our typical date night.

Dining at one of the best steakhouses in the area required that I actually apply makeup and blow dry my hair for a change (neither easy tasks with Dexter running around), but I managed to finish looking somewhat put-together. Finding something to wear with my growing belly proved a difficult task, one that almost ended in hormonal tears, but I rallied and found something passable. Alex, of course, came home from work, threw on some different clothes and looked dashing,  ready to go within 5 minutes – one of the advantages to not having hair (or a pregnant belly).

The Hollywood-themed decor of Final Cut set the atmosphere for our first fancy date night in months, and our knowledgeable waiter, Craig, extolled the merits of Chef Lawson’s menu with such mouth-watering description that we had a difficult time determining our choices. We went with his recommendations: pork belly appetizer, goat cheese spinach salad, wagyu top cap ribeye with hand-cut fries, and rock lobster tail with roasted mushrooms. The wagyu steak with bone marrow crust was the best either of us had ever tasted, and the lobster had a delicious sweetness to it that made it incomparable to any lobster we had eaten before. The portions were generous–definitely enough to take home for the kid(s)–but, unfortunately, our picky 2-year-old does not yet share our discerning tastes.

We were having so much fun savoring our food, observing other diners (we’re nosey), and talking without interruption that we didn’t want the night to end so, despite our full bellies, we ordered dessert (cheesecake and creme brulee) and French-pressed coffee (decaf, of course). While it wasn’t our anniversary or any special event, the unbelievable food and fine dining experience made us feel as if it were. We will certainly be returning, although maybe not until baby #2 makes an appearance and I can also enjoy a fancy Manhattan. 

Final Cut is located in the Hollywood Casino, 1968 Miami St. 
Hours are 5-9pm Monday-Thursday, 5-10pm Friday-Saturday, 4-9pm Sunday
419-661-5381 |