Kids Astrology: Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

January 20-February 18

Your child is a humanitarian who sometimes can be prone to self-sacrifice. This month, it’s essential to teach your child how to love themselves, and that when they love themselves, others will love them for who they are. The birthday theme is, “Know Thyself.”

One way to do that is to have them try different ways of expression. Personally, I recommend checking out Boomwackers, a toy that allows kids to learn notes and how to create a beat. If you’re throwing a birthday party, get the kids together in a circle and put the wackers in the center of it. Let the kids choose two of the tubes and play a beat, then have them pass the tube to the kids next to them and have them copy that beat. It’s enjoyable to hear the kids as they mimic each other and create their musical sounds. It also gives them self-confidence as they collaborate to make music. 

You can give your child pots and pans with different types of spoons, a creative way to explore making their own unique sounds. They can also put on a talent show, play charades, draw pictures, and many other methods to express themselves with their friends. Maybe throw an art party! Your child will enjoy helping you put together the perfect party for them, especially when it allows them to create from a place of exploration. And don’t forget: your Aquarius child’s mind never stops! The expression will enable them to clear their mind and feel joy.

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