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Kids and Headphone Usage Safety

For months, millions of kids have been obligated to learn virtually at home due to the global pandemic, and it’s likely that will continue for the rest of the year. Although headphones are being...

How to Use Media to Talk to Kids about Race

By Lindsey Self, local mom and legal professional Elementary school aged children spend hours each day in front of a screen. What do they see during those hours? For one, kids are not seeing demographics...

Not-Too-Spooky Halloween Flicks for the Whole Family

You want to give the kids a taste of October fun without having them see anything too scary? We got you covered. Here are ten great Halloween movies the whole family can enjoy, and...

New Guidelines for Toddler Screen Time: WHO Encourages More Physical Activity

The World Health Organization [WHO] recently released new guidelines on screen limits and sedentary behaviors for children under the age of five.
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Greenlight: The Debit Card for Kids

Financial independence is a step toward adulthood, but it’s terrifying to think about handing a debit card over to a teenager. Greenlight proposes a solution: a debit card for kids that is monitored by parents through an app.