The 2023 Girl Scout cookie season begins with three ways to buy and show support

Although January in Ohio can be dreary with the cold weather and the holidays coming to a halt, this month also marks the exciting start of the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Season! As of now, Toledo residents will have the opportunity to support local entrepreneurs by placing their orders for Girl Scout cookies. Each box sold helps provide local Girl Scouts with special experiences such as service projects, troop travel, and summer camp. 

This year, community members have three ways to show their support for the Girl Scouts program through cookie orders. From now through March 19, Girl Scouts will take orders to make personal deliveries to customers.

Beginning February 17, customers will have the option to order cookies from pop-up booths that will be located at supporting businesses. 

Beginning February 27, those who wish to purchase Girl Scout cookies will have the additional option to place their orders online through Digital Cookie®. The online order platform ships directly to a customer’s doorstep and features an online exclusive, the Raspberry Rally™. Customers opting for more traditional delivery methods will be able to choose from familiar flavors such as Thin Mints™ and Samoas™.

Those who purchase Girl Scouts cookies this season will be able to enjoy their purchase while knowing that they are helping girls develop their skills in financial planning, teamwork, decision-making, and innovative thinking. To purchase cookies, supporters can either reach out to a registered Girl Scout they know or enter their zip code into the Girl Scout cookie finder at

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