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When your child’s baby teeth start falling out, you might be tempted to start talking about the tooth fairy, but there’s someone more important to introduce them to—the dentist.

Sylvania Pediatric Dental Care

5860 Alexis Rd
419-882-7187 |

(L-R) Dr. Boley Greenwood, Dr. Courtney Greenwood, Dr. Ashley Paulus, Dr. Jason Richards, and Dr. Philip Sprague.
(L-R) Dr. Boley Greenwood, Dr. Courtney Greenwood,
Dr. Ashley Paulus, Dr. Jason Richards, and Dr. Philip Sprague.

What sets your practice apart? Our office’s number one concern is the experience we give our patients. We strive to create a dental home where children enjoy coming to the dentist. We provide a complete range of treatment options from which parents can choose for their children depending on their needs. This includes conventional treatment in our office, to a conscious sedation to help decrease a child’s anxiety, to treatment in a hospital setting for those who have more extensive needs. We tailor our recommendations and treatment options to best care for our patients and their families.

What’s one thing parents need to know? A child’s oral health is constantly changing as they grow. Their risk for cavities can change naturally as they get older. We try very hard to stay on top of that for each patient so that we can give parents the advice they need to make decisions for their children’s health. During check-ups, we routinely evaluate how they’re growing, monitoring for certain developmental milestones to be achieved, checking on their orthodontic development, and assessing the overall caries-risk in each patient.

What should families do with all that Halloween candy? Everything can be enjoyed in moderation. Keep a handful of your favorite candies, and bring the rest to our office! We will buy-back halloween candy and donate them to our troops serving our country! Your child can receive some money, a t-shirt and a goody bag for their excess candy. We will send all the candy Operation Gratitude which distributes it to the U.S. Military all over the world. Children’s diets are so important. Studies show over 90% of kids’ cavities are related to the frequency their teeth are exposed to sugar and acid. Sodas and juices, even the all-natural or 100% juices, dramatically increase a child’s cavity risk.

What made you want to be a pediatric dentist? Being a pediatric dentist is such a rewarding job. Taking care of children makes work fun, enjoyable, and always exciting. We get to be silly and turn what can be a stressful situation into an enjoyable experience at the dentist. We have video games, book and puzzles to keep everyone busy!

Neighborhood Health Association

313 Jefferson Ave
419-720-7883 |

Kalpana Yadav, DDS
Kalpana Yadav, DDS

What made you want to be a dentist? I am a general dentist who loves working with children. I developed my interest in seeing children when I was in dental school in California. When I moved to Ohio, I figured there is a huge need for dentists in pediatric population specially who takes Medicaid insurances or self pay patients. I got really motivated and started seeing children of all ages.

What sets your practice apart? We see all Medicaid patients, patients who don’t have any insurance pay a very minimal copay. Overall it’s a perfect place to receive high quality dental treatment at affordable pricing.

What’s one thing parents need to know? Parents should be brushing and flossing their children’s teeth as soon as the first tooth erupts in mouth. Never wait until all teeth erupt.

What should families do with all that Halloween candy? I would recommended brushing kids teeth after eating candy. Also make sure they only eat candy once or twice in a day rather than snacking multiple times throughout the day.

What’s your go-to treat? I like brownies and Hershey’s nuggets.

Dr. Erin Knierim

3036 W Sylvania Ave
567-200-5042 |

Erin Knierim, DDS
Erin Knierim, DDS

What makes a pediatric dentist different? A pediatric dentist has a minimum of 2 additional years of specialized training where we learn to treat the unique needs of your growing child. We love hanging out with kids all day (and their parents too) as a focus of our practice.

What’s one thing parents need to know? Coming to see the dentist early and often is important- but what has the most value in terms of maintaining overall dental health is what you do at home, on your own time, in between your dental visits. Make healthy food choices and make good oral hygiene a family priority.

What sets your practice apart from others in town? Toledo is a great town with many highly qualified providers to treat your child. My practice is small, which allows us to get to know our families well, and they get to know us. Patients can expect to see the same smiling faces at each visits, which can help them feel comfortable in the dental environment.

What’s your go-to treat? I usually stick to dark chocolate, since it is probably the least likely to cause a cavity. but I sure do love peanut butter cups! I just remember to brush and floss after!

Tricks for Halloween Treats: Just because you have it doesn’t mean you need to eat it all! For my kids, the excitement of Halloween is going out the get the candy, but I don’t let it linger around my house for weeks. Choose favorites and donate the rest to a worthy cause.


Dr. Andre Haerian

6407 Monroe St, Sylvania | 419-882-1017
7928 Secor Rd, Lambertville, MI | 734-854-6221
4359 Keystone Dr, Ste 200, Maumee | 419-887-1247

What made you want to be an orthodontist? There are multiple reasons but a few are the fact that I was and still am interested in the mechanics (forces, vectors, moments) used in the bio-mechanical systems in Orthodontics. I also love to see the transformation that comes with successful treatment.

What sets your practice apart? Our first instinct is to follow evidence based orthodontics which means we do not treat patients twice, unless absolutely proven by evidence. Besides always using the most advanced materials and techniques (such as Digital impression, 3D printing, indirect bonding, lingual braces) we really care about our patient’s experience as well as the ideal outcome. Our office’s culture focuses on our patients from the moment they start, offering evening and Saturday hours, and encouraging parents to accompany their children into the private treatment areas. Finally, we always consider our patients health first and as such when due to lack of retainer wear they have relapse we will retreat them at a fraction of the cost of braces and if the relapse is due to material failure we will retreat at no cost.

What is one thing parents need to know? Healthy habits and proper care can help children avoid many problems.

Tricks for Halloween Treats: Avoiding high fructose corn syrup and high refined sugar content is the key! Also, avoid chewy, sticky candy and brush your teeth afterwards.

Neighborhood Health Association, Cordelia Martin Health Center

615 Division St, 419-255-7883

Carolyn Garcia, DDS
Carolyn Garcia, DDS

What made you want to be a pediatric dentist? Working the in the Pediatrics Department at NHA is rewarding for me to see children and follow them from birth to adulthood. Some of them become parents and bring their babies back to me to see as well. Kids give me energy; they tell you anything, even their secrets. They usually give you a hug after their visits. I wanted to play an active role in their healthy development overall, guide their parents and educate them on what to do especially being a first time parent.

What is different about a pediatric dentist? Pediatrician takes care of newborn to adulthood, usually 18 y/o.

What is one thing parents need to know? Healthy habits and proper care can help children avoid many problems.

What sets your practice apart? I take care of the low income families, usually the underserved children especially when no other places want to take care of them because they cannot afford the services. We do not refuse to see patients, we don’t look at their insurance coverage, we take care of any children even if they have no insurance. Once a month I have late clinic hours until 7 pm.