A Holiday Tradition that Takes a Little Teamwork

. December 1, 2014.

Well the holidays are here and with the holidays, come the Elf on the Shelf visits. We have a very active elf named Shimmer who comes to stay with us every year through December. She makes our mornings a lot of fun and adds an extra element of magic to the season, but not without a lot of planning and preparation on her part (and mine). I received this letter from her just before Thanksgiving and wanted to share it:

Dear Mrs. Rochelle,

The Holiday Season is once again upon us so I will soon make my journey from the North Pole to your house for our month-long tradition of observing your daughters’ behavior and delivering the naughty/nice report to Santa.

I am excited to spend another season with your family, but listen, we both know the tremendous amount of pressure that we will feel to outdo the last year’s shenanigans. The girls expect to be amused each morning. And your Facebook friends, well, let’s face it, they are already waiting with bated breath to see your photos of my antics every day. So we are going to have to really work together this year to live up to everyone’s expectations.

I wanted to get you a list of supplies that we are going to need to pull off another whimsical season. Your kids are bright. They talk to their friends. They have been through this before so they are going to be looking for some of the common elf mischief. Let’s cover the clichés right off the bat. I will need a bag of mini marshmallows- lots of mini marshmallows, candy canes, an economy-sized bottle of syrup and candy kisses. Please have Legos and Barbie dolls easily accessible for me so I don’t have to go hunting for them again. I will need red and green dry erase markers, I prefer new so they are nice and bright. And don’t forget gift bows and a pack of note cards. That should take care of the basics.

Now for the creative stuff. I still have a lot of details to work out. Topping some of last year’s scenes is not going to be easy, but I will give it my greatest effort. Honestly the “elfie” I took with your phone and making the pom poms was some of my best work ever. We set the bar high last year mom, but I think we can do it. I am up for the challenge and with your help of strategically leaving the right supplies out, we can make this season one your daughters will never forget!

I apologize in advance for the messes that I undoubtedly will make and beg you to give me as much advance notice of any overnight trips as possible. You have no idea how much your little holiday getaways mess with my itinerary. Your cooperation in all of these matters is appreciated.



P.S. Would you mind talking to your dog about my visit?  I don’t like how he looks at me.

As the mother of three girls who spend much of their time upside-down as gymnasts and cheerleaders, Kerri Rochelle often feels upside-down herself from the chaos. She blogs about the wow, and some of the not-so-wow, experiences of being a busy mom to Mikayla, 14, Macie, 11, and Mylee, 7, at theupsidedownmom.wordpress.com.