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What’s cooking? Children’s Kitchen Skills and More

When it comes to preparing a meal, here’s a quick and easy recipe: take one child; add a patient, kind cook; mix in siblings, family, and friends; stir in a dose of fun, and there you have it: a youngster who begins to get the basics of cooking. 

Prioritize Hydration for Summer Adventures 

Parents should make sure their kids drink plenty of water in the hot summer months to stay healthy and active. Dr. John McBride, a...

Don’t Wait for Postpartum Anxiety to Get Better

Most every parent has felt, when bringing home a newborn, like they weren’t prepared for this monumental role. Thoughts of potential failure at every...

Local Music Schools Emphasize the Importance of Summer Lessons

Summer traditionally is a time for relaxation, recreation and even procrastination – so it can be tough to continue to fit in music lessons....

Youth Mental Health: What Parents Need to Know

Nearly four in ten parents say they are extremely or very worried that their children might struggle with anxiety or depression, according to the Pew Research Foundation.

Potty Training Pitfalls: When to Start and What to do When Things go Wrong

When it comes to helping kids develop healthy bathroom habits, most parents are eager for the day that potty training is over and their...

Maintaining a Healthy Pelvic Floor: Tips and Insights from a Urogynecologist 

Brittany Mahomes, wife of three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is a mother of two who recently urged women to take care of their pelvic floor in an Instagram story.

Toledo Threat Focuses on Basketball and Youth Mental Health

If you thought the biggest threat in Toledo was the rising crime rate or the replacement of our precious 4-way stops with those pesky traffic circles, you’ve obviously never heard of Toledo Threat.

Mental Health Resources for Children and Teens in the Toledo Area

In recent years professionals have seen a rapid increase in the need for mental health services for children and teens.

YMCA Holds Local Healthy Kids Day

The YMCA of Greater Toledo will be holding Healthy Kids Day® throughout April and May. Nationwide, Healthy Kids Day is celebrated by YMCAs as...

Let’s Get Moving in Toledo’s City Parks

Parks and Youth Services' Award-Winning ‘Let's Get Moving’ Walking Program will be holding three pop-up events in local city parks this spring and summer. During these...