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Books to teach dental health

Many childhood milestones revolve around teeth. A child’s first lost tooth is a momentous occasion and often involves his/her first visit from the tooth fairy. Then there’s the highly-anticipated visit to the dentist, which can be stressful for some kids. Those bright lights, unfamiliar people and strange sensations can even make adults feel anxious! These

Transition Time

Helping kids ease into new routines September is here and with it comes a sense of transition and change for our family. Some of the change is welcome and expected like the start of school and the change of weather from the heat of summer to cooler, breezier days. But change can also bring a

Summer In The City

We’ve got just a few more weeks of summer left and hopefully, you and your family are making the most of it with long days spent poolside and warm nights outdoors watching the stars or fireflies. Some of my favorite stories are set in summer time, probably because summer is the perfect time for adventures.

BOOK NOOK: The World is Waking Up

Spring has finally sprung! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s the perfect time to get some spring-themed books to share with the whole family. We talk a lot at our house during the winter months about the earth being asleep. It is fun to watch the world waking up, especially through