Books to teach dental health

. February 3, 2020.

Many childhood milestones revolve around teeth. A child’s first lost tooth is a momentous occasion and often involves his/her first visit from the tooth fairy. Then there’s the highly-anticipated visit to the dentist, which can be stressful for some kids. Those bright lights, unfamiliar people and strange sensations can even make adults feel anxious! These books can help to prepare children for that visit to the dentist, helping to normalize the dentist’s office and the routine of teeth cleaning.

Arthurs-loose-toothArthur’s Loose Tooth

by Lillian Hoban

In this classic easy reader, Arthur is teasing his sister for being scared of the dark, but the reader soon realizes that Arthur is actually afraid of something, too: pulling his loose tooth. With some encouragement from his sister, Arthur is able to face his fears.

Tooth-bookThe Tooth Book

by Dr. Seuss

This silly book is full of bright colors and wacky characters. Which animals have teeth? How many teeth do different animals have? How do I take care of my teeth? This book answers all kinds of questions your child might have about their pearly whites in a playful manner typical of Dr. Suess.

Daniel-TigerDaniel Goes to the Dentist

A new generation of children love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, inspired by the classic series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood!

Daniel Tiger is a little nervous about visiting the dentist. Mom Tiger explains that when you do something new, like going to the dentist, you should talk about what’s going to happen. During his checkup, as Daniel gets his teeth brushed, checked, and polished, the dentist explains what she’s doing each step of the way so Daniel feels more comfortable. This sweet storybook is perfect for little ones who need some reassurance as they take their seat in the dentist’s chair!


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