Book Nook: Happy Birthday, America!

. June 30, 2019.

Books to help celebrate the red, white and blue

Celebrate the fight for our country’s freedom on the 4th of July. These stories can help your family remember how far we’ve come as a country as well as how we can live out the ideals of justice and the pursuit of happiness for everyone.

Gingerbread for Liberty: How a German Baker Helped Win the American Revolution

by Mara Rockliff
Pictures by Vincent X. Kirsch


In our house you will often hear Disney music playing, and one of my 6-year-old’s favorites is Mulan. So we were very excited to stumble upon a picture book about Mulan’s life. The artist, Song Nan Zhang, spent more than two years researching his watercolor illustrations that tell Mylan’s story with stunning beauty and accuracy. We are inspired by Mulan’s love and devotion for her family and her resiliency in the face of war and discrimination.

Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome

by Montague & Novak


This book lives up to its name: it is awesome! Your whole family will enjoy laughing along to Kid President’s silly stories and hilarious ideas for being a better citizen. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to go out and do some random (and fun) acts of kindness together before it’s time to go back to school.

Two Friends: Susan B. Anthony & Frederick Douglass

by Dean Robbins
Pictures by Sean Qualls & Selina Alko


After the signing of the Declaration of Independence, generations have worked to ensure that all people are treated as if they were truly created equal. This book shares the true story of two friends and their fight for equality— Frederick Douglass, who worked to free and ensure the rights of enslaved people, and Susan B. Anthony, who worked for the rights of women to vote and pursue their own happiness.

Blue Sky White Stars

by Sarvinder Naberhaus
Pictures by Kadir Nelson


In this book, author Naberhaus’ spare, poetic text inspires illustrator Kadir Nelson’s gorgeous paintings, reflecting the history, diversity and symbolism of America. Sweeping landscapes, like the Grand Canyon, and historical moments, like a civil rights march or the lunar landing, offer opportunities to talk with children about the symbols of freedom and democracy and their promise for all Americans