Book Nook: Welcome Baby!

. May 31, 2019.

Books to prepare siblings for the new arrival

Welcoming a new baby can be one of the most happy and tumultuous times for a family. Everyone is excited to meet the new member of the family and the countdown to delivery can be filled with anticipation and preparation. The transition can also bring an assortment of negative feelings for siblings and expecting parents alike. Joy mixed with fear, excitement mixed with anxiety, and love tempted by jealousy once the baby arrives. For kids, these big emotions can be hard to navigate, and for parents who are sleep-deprived the emotional work can feel daunting. Thankfully, with a little time, gentle hugs and good books your family can navigate this transition and welcome your new bundle with love and joy.


Mama’s Belly

by Kate Hosford

This beautifully illustrated and tenderly told story gives us a glimpse into a sweet family of 3 as they prepare to welcome a new baby. Mama is changing, the family rhythm is changing, the house is changing. Big sister watches Mama’s belly grow and she has many questions about the new baby and what life will bring. She wonders what she will look like, she wonders how they will play, but the most important of all: “When my sister comes, will you have enough love for both of us?” I wish I had had this story to read to my oldest girls when their younger sister arrived, to remind them that our family’s love is as wide as the sky.


Motherbridge of Love

poem & story by anonymous author
Illustrated by Josee Masse

This poem was written anonymously by an adoptive mother to the charity The Mother’s Bridge of Love, which works to develop a connection between adopted children from China, their adoptive parents and their Chinese culture. This sweet stomry shows how families are formed differently and how adoption can bring people together in beautiful ways. It honors both the birth mother and adoptive mother’s love and how each hold an irreplaceable place in a child’s life. It is a beautiful tribute to motherhood in its many forms.


A Baby Sister for Frances

by Russell Hoban

The Frances series is a favorite around our house. Hoban captures the simplicity of an ordinary day of childhood; a day for Frances which means play and imagination and silly songs. In A Baby Sister for Frances, little Frances is feeling sad that she can’t enjoy her usual play because it’s too rough or too loud for the new baby. She decides she’d be better off alone and pretends to run away. Hoban sweetly portrays every new sibling’s fear: that her parents prefer the baby to her, and also depicts the patient love that parents hold for each of their children.

Welcoming a new baby into your family is filled with so many beautiful things – anticipation, tiny fingers and toes, lullabies, snuggles, and joy.

I hope these books help your family prepare to welcome your new little one and to adjust peacefully to your new life together.