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Life lessons on and off the court

Make no mistake-Tod Kowalczyk is very well aware of the challenges that lie ahead of him and his players this season.  As the new head coach of the University of Toledo’s men’s basketball team, he steps into a basketball program that saw only four wins last season.  Not discouraged in the least, Kowalczyk sees a

Stars and stripes forever

You don’t have to be the President or First Lady to eat at The Whitehouse Inn; though the owner wouldn’t mind having the opportunity to serve a President one of these days. Located in downtown Whitehouse, The Whitehouse Inn isn’t merely named after the town, it is 100 percent all-American; right down to serving plates

When the going gets rough

In a perfect world, childhood is a time of endless carefree days filled with joy and laughter. But when things go awry, thankfully Children’s Resource Center (CRC) in Bowling Green is there to help with difficult times. “It’s really quite a unique agency, especially outside the big city. We have a comprehensive range of services,”

Scoring big

My family and I have been eating our way around the Toledo area for some time now. We support local, and this month we found another great local place for a flavorful  meal at an affordable price. Sports bar and more There’s no denying it, the South End Grille, or South End Bar and Grille

Meet he mummies

he Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) has pulled out all the stops with another fantastic exhibit—the rare opportunity to get a glimpse of life some 5,000-6,000 years ago in the time of ancient Egypt.  For a limited time the mummies, obtained in 1905-1906 by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Drummond Libbey, are again on display at