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Raising the bar just over the line

Oh please, say it isn’t so!  In the blink of an eye, another summer is history.  School has only just begun, and I have already found myself longing for the days just past that were filled with spontaneous activities.  We are again slaves to the school schedule, activities, practices, homework, meetings and strict bedtimes.   However,

Lip Smackin’ Good

Having spent several years in Alabama, I learned a thing or two about great barbeque, and it became something my husband and I ate frequently.  To be honest, we compare all BBQ we try to what we had down south; with most places falling short of our expectations.  Craving barbeque yet again, we decided to

Family Fiesta

A recent Girls Night Out at Plaza Azteca Restaurantes Mexicanos resulted in “entrée envy” and in a quick return visit with my family and more friends. Entree Envy is a silly term I coined a while ago. Basically, even though I’m enjoying my own meal, it means I’m looking around the table wishing I had

When Things Don’t Make Sense

Contrary to conventional knowledge that we have five senses, we actually have seven.  The two additional senses are the vestibular sense which detects movement and changes in the position of the head, and the proprioceptive sense telling us about weight, body position, pressure, and movement. The facts In simplest terms, Sensory Integration (SI) is the