tween the lines

Finding a unique sense of style at any age ignites confidence and individualism, but for St. John’s Jesuit High School senior Riley Savage, his unique spin on custom footwear has patrons reeling. “I’ve always been into art,” says Savage, who was inspired to create custom art work on canvas shoes for a friend of his looking for eye-catching stage wear for his local band. “It took off from there,” he explains. “ People said I should be charging money and it’s been on going ever since.” Savage’s business, Planted Footwear, takes white canvas shoes, high tops, slip-ons, etc and creates custom designs with fabric markers. “ I speak to each client and find out what inspires them and what type of art they’d like on their shoes,” says Savage, who hopes to go on to the University of Cincinnati and major in graphic design. When asked about his favorite parts of the process, he said “Finding out the inspiration behind each person’s story and the character in all the details.” For more info contact Riley at or visit 

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