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Children of invention

There’s more to art than paint and crayons. Warren and Yolanda Woodberry do teach traditional arts and crafts in their Young Art Work programs at the new Family Activities Center at 6202 Trust Dr, off Holland-Sylvania. But with their new N’ventions and N’novators program, beginning this fall, they hope to teach children the art of

Clearing the way

Any childhood health problems are a nightmare for a parent, but chronic sinusitis is a stubborn and all-too-widespread affliction, leading to missed school, lost sleep, and general misery. Some 37 million Americans deal with sinus problems every year, and a significant portion of them are children. But Dr. Oliver Jenkins and Dr. Christopher Perry, of

Students helping kids stay healthy

High school students looking for a challenge, and who want to help keep their fellow young people healthy and happy, are invited to enter Promedica’s third annual Fields of Green scholarship contest. The program asks teams of students to come up with their own ideas to improve nutrition in elementary schools and promote physical fitness,

Spotlight on an epidemic

Diabetes is a scary word, and a growing public health problem. As many as 24 million Americans, an alarming number of them children, suffer from some form of diabetes—more than 186,000 children, according to the Center For Disease Control. The American Diabetes Association has designated November as Diabetes Awareness month, in an attempt to shine

Honoring the best

For teachers in today’s economic climate, it can be a constant struggle to keep their classrooms properly supplied. Office Max has teamed up with non-profit Adopt-A-Classroom to help make one outstanding teacher’s life a little easier. This year, the Office Max store on Alexis Rd. recognizes Roxanne Ward, a third-grade teacher at Meadowvale Elementary, as

Cutting the cord

Expectant parents may not be aware that they will have access to a potential lifesaving resource, essentially as a “side effect” of the process of birth itself. But the Ohio General Assembly has recently passed a bill requiring healthcare professionals to make information available to pregnant women regarding the potential benefits of umbilical cord blood