tween the lines

. January 29, 2013.

The heartbreak of substance abuse can tear at the foundations of a family, and no one is immune.
Regardless of age or background, drug and alcohol problems can strike—and when it’s a teen who’s
affected, parents are often at a loss. Ann Arbor counselor Ronald E. Harrison has made a career of helping teens and families through struggles with addiction. Now he offers a free, two-part lecture series, Teens Using Drugs: What to Know and What to Do, at St.
Joseph Mercy Hospital Education Center in Ypsilanti.
Part 1, What to Know, is presented on the first Tuesday of each month through June 2011, giving parents the background they need to recognize the signs of adolescent substance-abuse problems. Part 2, What to Do, is presented on the second Tuesday of each month, also through June. The lectures are targeted primarily to parents and caretakers, but teens and other family members are also welcome. 7:30-9pm. Part 1, Tuesday, January 4. Part 2, Tuesday, January 11. 5305 Elliott Dr., Ypsilanti. 734-973-7892.