The Racing World

. August 29, 2014.

Evan Fritts, a 16-year-old junior at St. Francis DeSales High School, has dreams of making it big in the world of racing.

Evan got his start in racing three years ago. After watching the Formula One Grand Prix of Japan, he knew he wanted to race professionally. He and his parents researched the sport and found the starting point was in karting. “All the big names in racing came up through karting,” Evan says.

After a year of rigorous practice, Evan has been competitively racing and winning for two years, competing against other kart drivers with more experience. “Experience is everything!” he exclaims. “Nobody shows up and wins every race.”

Evan currently races at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, Pennsylvania, 200 miles from his hometown of Ottawa Hills. With his plans to make it to professional status, Evan and his family are looking to sponsors to help give him a boost. “He has a passion for racing like no other child we’ve met and it has always been his dream to become a professional racing driver,” says his mom, Karen. “It’s a very long and costly road to the top and sponsorship is a must.”

His dream is to race Formula One or Indy cars. “If someone is going to pay me money to race their car, I won’t say no!” he laughs.

In addition to racing, Evan volunteers, lifts weights, maintains a 4.0 GPA, swims on a team and plays both acoustic and electric guitar.

Evan credits a lot of his success to his parents. “Most parents would say no,” he says of the monetary and time-consuming commitment that racing requires. “They are incredibly supportive.”  

Evan’s racing career can be followed on Facebook (Evan Fritts Racing),
Instagram (ej_rocket) and Twitter (@efrittsracing)