Sustainable stage

. February 7, 2013.

Show business might be a dreamworld, but the dreamers who live in it still have a responsibility to the real world we all live in. The students and faculty of Bowsher High School’s theater program have taken that to heart. This spring, Bowsher students will put on a show, as kids everywhere have since long before the rise of “High School Musical” and “Glee.” But this will be a play with a difference.
Bowsher’s production of the Richard Adler / Jerry Ross musical The Pajama Game will be an “all-green” one, with every possible step taken to make it environmentally friendly. All printed material will use recycled paper, scenery will be created with eco-friendly paints, and cups from the concession stand will be biodegradable.  (Bowsher is currently looking for sponsors to help install a projection system that will eliminate the need for painted backdrops altogether.) To the greatest extent possible, props and sets will be repurposed from previous productions—even borrowed from other schools.
The project is inspired and advised by the Broadway Green Alliance, a group founded in 2008 to encourage Broadway productions to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. Increasingly, socially conscious theater groups across the country are adopting the group’s guidelines. Bowsher’s kids are proud to be a part of this movement—dazzling audiences while planning for a better world.