Not just any cookie business

. June 21, 2013.


While most high schoolers have a full plate with their school work, extracurriculars and family/friend time, Johnathon Bush has made room on his plate for more. The 16-year-old Central Catholic High School junior started his own company, Not Just Cookies, in March of 2006 when he decided to try making money from his 7-year hobby. Since then he has been tempting palates with his homemade creations ever since. Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies with icing and “internet cookies” (chewy oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies) are among the favorites of his customers, but his list of baked goods also includes turtle cookies, lemon bars, cupcakes, brownies and cookie cakes.

Although Bush credits his grandma for the chocolate chip bar recipe, the other creations are original — some a combination of recipes Bush liked. “Some cookies, like the sugar cookies, took me three or four tries to get right,” says Bush. The business keeps the teen busy, especially during the holiday season, when the sugar cut-out cookies are most popular. During the slower months, Bush showcases his baked goods at local events like the Old West End Festival and the African American Festival. In the future, he hopes to sell his cookie dough wholesale to area restaurants. Most of his cookies sell for $7-$10 per dozen, and can be shipped throughout Ohio or delivered within the Toledo area. Not Just Cookies also partners with the Northwest Ohio Script Association, which provides gift certificates that give a portion of the proceeds to nonprofit organizations (

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