New International Online Course Curriculum

Maumee Valley Country Day School (MVCDS) has partnered with an online schooling community called the Hybrid Learning Consortium. Teaming with schools around the world, this international collaboration is bringing a plethora of modern, energetic classes to the school in an effort to offer as many learning opportunities to students as possible.

“We have entered the information age when students have access to all kinds of learning anytime and anywhere, and so in order to remain relevant we must be prepared to respond to student interest,” said Gary Boehm, Head of School at MVCDS. “Accordingly, we view 21st century education as being about customization.”

Among the many new classes now available online, students can opt to take more diverse classes like Introduction to Sports Broadcasting, Humanitarianism in a Changing World, History of Ideas and When Women Ruled as well as Advanced Placement and Honors classes. Some classes can be “attended” through self-paced study, while some will be taught live via satellite.

“Students may take courses for academic credit or for enrichment,” said Melissa Kuhl, director of marketing and communication for MCVDS. “The most popular with our students is AP Psychology and Introduction to Sign Language.”

Students will have the opportunity to work with, partner with and learn about the cultures of students from the U.S. as well as other countries.

To learn more about the new Hybrid Learning Consortium or to inquire about enrollment, visit or call 419-381-1313.