MVCDS Gold Key Winner


Maumee Valley Country Day School Junior Juliana DeSouza’s short story, “Hanah,” was recently named the winner of a prestigious Gold Key award in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, the longest running award for students grades 7-12. Her short story will now be entered into the national Scholastic Art and Writing Competition in mid-March. Here’s Juliana’s description of her story:

“Hannah” is about this house, the House of Hannah, that sits on town’s highest hill. Everyone is scared of it, but nobody knows exactly why. Maybe it’s because of its dark windows, maybe it’s because of that doorbell covered in dust. To most, it’s just the town’s ghost story, but to one boy, Scott, it’s a challenge. He breaks into the house… only to find out something – or someone – who has been lurking inside.”