Buttons, Magnets, Mirrors… The Possibilities Are Endless

. January 27, 2014.

If you’ve ever needed a kick in the pants, Claire Coder—junior at Southview High School and owner and founder of There’s a Badge for That—is the girl to give it to you. And not because she’s pushy, or bossy or any other term (inaccurately) applied to ambitious women, but because she is truly accomplished.

On top of volunteering with youth organizations, interning at her local church, going on missions to Haiti, participating in both Toledo Rep’s and Southview’s theater groups, winning mock trials and STILL maintaining an outstanding GPA of 4.3, Claire manages to run her own business—and she’s only 16.

The idea behind There’s a Badge for That was conceived when Claire’s grandmother gifted her with a button-making kit. Instead of writing the gift off as another one of Grandma’s attempts to keep her young, Claire saw the opportunity to present her friends and family with gifts that were truly one-of-a-kind.  It didn’t take long for Claire’s parents to realize that she was onto something.

With a little encouragement from her mother and father, Claire’s buttons—with catchy phrases such as “Today is the day” and “Perfection is boring”—as well as magnets and compact mirrors (the most popular of which reads “Shut up. I think you’re gorgeous”) were on the market within a few short months. Now, almost a year later, her business is thriving.

“I’ve been asked to badge portraits, wedding favors, business logos, name tags…People want me to do birthday parties and workshops.”

When asked how she does it all, she replies, “It’s simple. I love what I do. I do what I love.”

At 16, Claire seems to know more about business and life than most adults. When asked if she has any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, she says, “As long as you have the inner self-confidence and passion, the possibilities are endless.”

You can find Claire’s clever badges at Schramm’s Flowers and Gifts, Embellish, The Keeper’s House, Sweet Cheeks and various art fairs across the city. Contact Claire Coder at claireannet@gmail.com or