Babysitting classes go viral


For enterprising teens aged 11-15 looking to build a babysitting empire, the online certification class offered by the American Red Cross is a smart (and convenient!) business move. The class includes six modules covering topics like safety, emergency procedures, and the business side of the job. Teens can easily divide and conquer: the modules are self-paced and can be completed in multiple sessions after school or altogether in a single afternoon. Babysitters must take a final exam to graduate and receive the certificate. In the past the Red Cross offered only on-site training — a class scheduled for blocks of six plus hours. Now, with the online option, babysitters can learn all the necessary information in less than 4 hours. The Red Cross recommends both new and experienced babysitters take the course. “It's always good to hone your skills!” explains Amanda Aldrich, communications specialist at the Northwest Ohio Region’s American Red Cross. Cost is $25. For more information and to register for the online class, visit —BA