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Summer Bugs

Flu season’s over, but kids can still catch some pretty nasty bugs. Although quite common, I hadn’t heard of Hand Foot and Mouth (HFM) until my son came down with it last summer. Most often seen in children between the ages of 1 and 5, HFM, an enterovirus, is highly contagious. Painful sores sprout up

Whatever Happened to Family Mealtime?

When I was growing up, dinner was at 6 o’clock sharp every day except Sunday. All of us kids knew we had to be there, with clean hands, and all electronics turned off. While raising my own four children, I insisted on the same ritual. It gave us all a chance to unwind, tell stories

Wildwood offers family yoga classes

Making sure you spend time your kids while also keeping up with the latest health trends is a struggle many parents face, but it doesn’t have to be. The answer to this struggle is simple— family yoga. This healthy and relaxing activity is something every family member can participate in because yoga allows for different skill