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When Schools Go Above and Beyond

COVID-19 has confirmed for teachers, parents and students the importance of a traditional classroom setting. Students prefer learning in a real classroom over virtual attendance, and social skills absorbed through peer interaction cannot be learned virtually. Yet for medically fragile and immunocompromised students, physically attending school has its challenges, and few districts offer a combination

30+ FREE Virtual Learning Resources That Kids Will Love

One of the benefits of children learning from home is that parents can control the curriculum. You can adjust each activity to best suit the needs and interests of your child to provide optimal learning and fun. As long as your child is learning the necessary skills, how you cover the subject matter if up


Family Favorites is one of our most read features every year — and for good reason. Thousands of Toledo area parents weigh in annually on the businesses, places, and people they love, which benefits both local families and businesses. Parents rely on our list to help them choose pediatricians, find the perfect birthday venue, and