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2019 Back to School Guide

5 Tips For A Good Year By Emily Remaklus New backpacks full of school supplies are ready to go, the first day of school outfit is picked out, and open house is just around the corner. It’s great to start off the year strong, but how can you help ensure that your child is successful

Why Your Child Should Attend A Rated Child Care Program

Sixty percent of child care programs in the Toledo area are currently Step Up to Quality star rated. Why is it so important to select a rated program for your child? Programs that are star rated show higher quality classroom practices compared to programs that are not star rated. There is also a strong correlation

How Mindfulness Helps Kids Manage Stress

When kids are stressed, they ruminate about past problems and worry about future what-ifs. These negative thought patterns rob their ability to focus on the present. Because stress feeds anxiety, impulsive behavior and lack of focus, more schools are adopting simple mindfulness techniques that parents can also foster. Why are kids stressed? Academic pressures, overstuffed

Get the Scoop: Ice Cream Places to Visit This Summer

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Everyone loves this delicious treat during the summer and the Toledo area is teeming with great spots to grab a cone or a cup of ice cream. Gather the family and cool down with a sweet treat from these favorite local ice cream shops. BG’s