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Scoot Mcmahon Saves The Day

Local comics creator gets his break The life of comic book creator Scott McMahon resembles a classic superhero origin story. A graphic designer and illustrator for Toledo’s Allied Learning Labs by day, at night McMahon becomes an amazing comic book illustrator, complete with a cool alter ego nickname: Scoot! Scoot’s super power is writing and

2019 Child Care and Preschool Guide

By Emily Remaklus & Erin Marsh Finding the place for you Child Care. Preschool. Curriculum. Play-based. Montessori. Step Up to Quality star ratings. There’s so much to think about these days as you look for safe, affordable, quality child care and/or preschool for your little one. It’s daunting. Where do you start the search to

Pediatric Dentist Profiles

February is National Children’s Dental Health month. The American Dental Association encourages parents and caregivers to promote healthy habits and talk about the benefits of good oral health from a young age.