The Ohio Family Survival Store

Imagine having to pick up the pieces after a terrorist attack, massive snowstorm with downed power lines, or even a flood. Do you have what you need to get through these situations? Mary Tyson, owner at The Ohio Family Survival Store located on Alexis Road in Sylvania, is committed to educating the public and providing the supplies needed to get ready for a small or large emergency. Mary says she’s always had an emergency preparedness mentality.

 After the water crisis of 2014, she was shocked with how ill-prepared the public and officials were in dealing with being without water, and developed the idea for an emergency preparedness and disaster relief store. The Ohio Family Survival Store has items for a small emergency, such as being stuck on the side of the road for several hours, and also larger emergencies, like being without food and electricity for extended periods of time. Mary explained that the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that everyone have at least three days worth of essential supplies for their family, and Mary recommends building your supplies up to thirty days. 

Please visit the Ohio Family Survival Store for all of your emergency preparedness needs
5625 Alexis Rd. Sylvania