A bird? A plane? A Globetrotter!

. December 1, 2015.

The Harlem Globetrotters are returning their slam dunking theatrics to Toledo for their 90th Anniversary Tour. This group of athletes has made television appearances and converted 360 dunks for nearly an entire century, and they are making sure to stop by Toledo on this historic run. The Globetrotters’ patented tunes and dribbling exhibitions are poetry in motion, is fueled by getting some love from the crowd. The louder you cheer, the crazier they dunk! Half-court shots, behind the back passes, and autographs from the stars, will make you question whether you’re at a basketball game or a circus. Truthfully, it’s a bit of both! 

3pm Sunday, December 27
Huntington Center, 500 Jefferson Ave. 
419-255-3300 | huntingtoncentertoledo.com