The Kumon edge

. April 23, 2013.
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Whether your child is struggling in math or reading, or looking to gain an extra edge in school, Kumon of Sylvania might be the answer you’re looking for.   Based on the Kumon Method, developed 50 years ago in Japan by Toru Kumon, centers are rapidly popping up around the world; 26,000 in 46 countries, according to Kumon of Sylvania owner Maryam Azadi.  The method was developed to unlock the potential in every child.
The goal of this individualized approach to learning is to help students achieve a solid command of reading and math. “We think math and reading are the foundation for everything,” said Azadi. After attending a free orientation and placement test, students begin a program tailored specifically to their needs.  The independent learning method improves concentration, helps develop better study skills, and increases confidence.
Through completion of worksheets at the center twice a week as well as daily home study, students’ first goal is to get to appropriate grade level if they are not there already and the second goal is advanced study.  “The goal is program completion,” said Azadi, adding their target age of students is 3-14.  Kumon of Sylvania, open year round Mondays and Thursdays 3-7p.m., located at the corner of Holland-Sylvania and Sylvania.
Detailed information as well as testimonials can be found at
Ms. Azadi can also be reached at 419-517-1712.