Sweet and wild

. August 10, 2012.

Iris Lauber is nothing if not enthusiastic. “I’m passionate about food,” the Toledo native says. “I bake every day.” But for Lauber, baking is more than a hobby — it’s a way of life. The self-proclaimed “one-woman show” is the driving force behind Wild Flour Confections (known until recently as An Occasional Cookie) a home-based business that crafts custom-made cakes, cookies and more for eager customers both locally and nationwide. Lauber decided to take her passion public some five years ago, when her home-baked goodies won raves. She followed the right recipe for success, getting her kitchen fully licensed by the state’s Department of Agriculture. Once in business, there was no stopping her. “Over the years,” she remembers, “word spread.” She specializes in cookie favors for parties and showers, as well as cupcakes and cakes. Not just plain-vanilla sheet cakes, either — Lauber crafts luscious, custom-made four-layer cakes. She gets excited about her Oreo Cookies and Cream cake, with everything created from scratch. Her enthusiasm is contagious as her business booms. “I’m busy every single day,” she says, “I bake every day of my life.” So, if you need some sweet surprises for a special event, get in touch with Lauber. You won't be disappointed. 4440 Vogel Dr. 419-473-9206. www.facebook.com/pages/AN-Occasional-Cookie.