St. Benedict Catholic School opening soon

. March 7, 2013.

Two years of collaborative efforts will come to fruition this fall with the opening of St. Benedict Catholic School.  As Little Flower of Jesus and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic grade schools had seen a decline in enrollment, the parents, staff, and parishioners became proactive and planned a joint venture.  According to Principal Carol Huss, the timeline was moved up for this upcoming school year. The individual parishes will remain open, but the decrease in family size over the years has played a major roll in the decline of enrollment in the schools. 
Though remaining on the Little Flower campus, located on Olimphia Rd. between Bancroft and Dorr Streets, St. Benedict is an entity all its own.  The implementation team worked diligently with both schools considering all input from families and parishioners.  The school will also incorporate new uniforms.  “This is not Little Flower Act II.  This is a brand new school,” said Huss.  “We decided this was the right time to collaborate our efforts.” 
St. Benedict will be open for grades preschool through eight.  In addition to core subjects, the school will offer foreign language courses and music classes. Students can also join band and strings.   Advanced extracurricular activities and cultural experiences will also be made possible due to the joint venture.  “We want to be the best school we can possibly be,” said Huss.  “In the long run, everything is a positive outcome.”