On the day you were born


On the day
you were born
The happiest and most important days in every parent’s life are those on which their children are born, and to document this little addition to the world, every child receives a birth certificate from their home state.  But the Ohio Department of Health is moving away from a standard certificate and is offering three new commemorative heirloom birth certificate styles.  Parents can now choose a native Ohioan design, a newborn design that has a place for the baby’s footprints, or a style featuring the statehouse lawn.  The traditional design highlighting the achievements of famous Ohioans is still available.  Each heirloom birth certificate is printed on quality 8.5 by 11 inch paper with a raised seal and costs $25.  Proceeds from the heirloom birth certificates benefit the Ohio Family and Children First (FCF) initiative.  To preview the new designs, visit www.odh.ohio.gov.  For more information on FCF, visit www.fcf.ohio.gov