Princess Dreams

Little girls always ask Laurel Lovitt if she’s a “real”  princess. She responds: “Yes, I am. But you are, too.”

That’s because being a “real” princess isn’t about a title, a gorgeous gown or sparkly tiara, it’s about attitude, says Laurel. She founded Laurel’s Princess Parties to help little girls find their inner princess (self confidence) while having a ton of fun in the process.

A young entrepreneur and University of Toledo student, Laurel is learning what it takes to launch and operate a successful business. She started Laurel’s Princess Parties in May 2013, and is already booked six months out.

Laurel turns a little girl’s birthday into a magical, royal affair. She arrives in full princess regalia (birthday girls can even pick out her ball gown in advance) and enthralls the crowd with princess training, a royal coronation ceremony and a celebration ball. During princess training, partygoers learn that princesses never forget to say “please” and “thank you” and that a smile trumps a tiara as a princess’s most important accessory, says Laurel.  Laurel also specializes in Princess Spa Parties and Princess and Pirate Parties and she can customize any party. A professional photographer can be added to the package, so moms and dads can enjoy the special moments, instead of stressing over capturing them.

Laurel also makes guest appearances at fundraising events, new business launchings and other promotional events that need a royal touch. And, she hosts workshops for little girls in her home twice a month. “This business has been so much fun, I feel like a little kid again,” says Laurel.

Laurel’s Princess Parties Web site, or her Facebook page for more information, or call 419-349-0850.—LWP