One more dojo

The Martial Arts Center is adding another location in the area. The new dojo, located at The Shops at Fallen Timbers, offers the same great expertise and training for which The Martial Arts Center is known. The dojo plans to open early December, with classes for children and adults, as well as Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong (a meditative martial art) for those interested in a more relaxed environment.

Sensei Hurtseller has been teaching Martial Arts since 1982, but his experience dates to when he was 14. Used initially as a tool for defense, Hurtseller now appreciates all of the benefits of Martial Arts, from enhanced concentration to increased physical stamina. He says for kids who are having trouble in school, it is often supported  that they participate in martial arts as a way to correct or improve certain behaviors.

It’s important to understand, urges Hurtseller, that martial arts is not only about physical activity (although that is a large portion of each class). Time is also dedicated to providing a workout for the mind. “As the mind works, the body follows,” says Hurtseller. Meditation is the building block on which everything is built. Practicing meditation helps both breathing and posture and can be used everyday, even outside of the dojo.

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