Not your mama’s cloth diapers

. September 5, 2012.

When you have kids, you spend countless hours finding ways to keep your little ones happy, healthy and safe. So when Teresa Johnson discovered her second daughter was severely allergic to disposable diapers, she searched until she found a solution — cloth diapers. Mama Johnson was relieved to find an eco-friendly solution that helped heal her baby girl’s rash quickly. If you think cloth diapers are all about white fabric and old-fashioned washboards, you’re not alone. Johnson thought so too until she found modern versions online. Contemporary cloth diapers are more stylish and easier to use than their predecessors. Plus, they help prevent landfill waste and save money.

Confident other parents wanted these types of products, Johnson started Squishy Tushy online in 2008. The business grew and she recently opened a store in Blissfield, Michigan to give local parents access to items by sought-after brands such as bumGenius, Rumparooz and Haba. “Everything we sell sets us apart from the big box stores,” says Johnson. The store carries a number of cloth and swim diapers, special needs items, incontinence and training pants. They also carry sustainable products like natural wood toys, baby-safe rubber teethers and jewelry.

“Whether you’re interested in cloth diapers or not, stop in and see us,” Johnson says. “We have so many products and can help anyone looking for natural and healthy solutions.”

Check out Squishy Tushy for cloth diapers, accessories and more. 103 S. Lane Street, Blissfield, MI. 517-682-0935.