Little Artist Party

Little Artist Party brings the art supplies to the party location of your choice, which means no cleaning up or buying expensive supplies. This business, created and run by Brandy Bowen, provides all of the required supplies for any art project; she only needs running water. Bowen describes Little Artist Party as “similar to something you’d do at Uncork the Artist, but everything is mobile. We go in-home and provide all of the materials needed: paints, paper towels, smocks, tablecloths, we walk the kids through, step by step, how to paint the picture.” Bowen and the parents agree on an image that the child likes, whether it’s a character from Frozen or Call of Duty, and Bowen sketches the image on each individual canvas with pencil so that the children have a guide for their painting. Bowen adds, “It also allows for creativity because the kids can express themselves by adding additional flair that reflects their personality.”

There is a $150 minimum, which covers eight children. Additional participants are $15/child. Bowen also runs another in-home party business, Sassy Spa Party, that brings the spa experience to a birthday party location. 

Little Artist Party, 419-250-5200.