Holey Toledough is Full of Flavor


Gourmet donuts have arrived on the food scene in Toledo. Chris Ritter, owner and head baker of Holey Toledough, is handcrafting a host of flavorful donuts that will kickstart your morning.

After eight years of experience as a line cook, Ritter wanted to start his own business that would combine his passion for food and his desire for creative control. He started with a basic yeast donut recipe, and over the course of eight months, refined the precise texture, density and shelf life. Since he makes the dough, fillings and toppings from scratch with no added preservatives, shelf life is critical.

Ritter’s two-year-old daughter is his official taste-tester. He has 15 different flavors, with maple bacon, s’mores and apple fritters the most popular. He rotates through flavors based on the season and has 6 to 8 flavors in production at a time.

Holey Toledough donuts are available at Toledo Farmer’s Market and Westgate Farmer’s Market,
via wholesale orders and at local favorite coffeehouses DK Eats and Treats, The Flying Joe
and Black Kite Coffee. Ritter’s goal is to open a storefront for his bakery,
somewhere downtown or in the Westgate area.