fill your shelves

. January 23, 2013.

Over the past year, area readers have mourned the loss of beloved bookshops Frogtown Books and a Novel Idea, but for book lovers, hope springs eternal. Just ask Jeanine Lorigan, owner of J's Bookshelf, a gently-used bookshop that opened in Sylvania on March 1. Lorigan is a veteran of both a Novel Idea and longtime Toledo institution Thackeray's Books, but had never really considered striking out on her own. On receiving news of a Novel Idea's closing, however, she took a deep breath and a chance. J's Bookshelf stocks some 13,000 books so far, selling them at a very-affordable $3 for hardcovers and 1/2 off the cover price for paperbacks. It's a charming new literary destination, and proof that books still have a future. Store hours: Monday-Saturday 9 AM-6 PM and Sunday 10am-3 pm. 6377 Monroe St., Sylvania. 419-517-3108.