Diagnosis: State of the Art

. January 8, 2014.

Mammograms and MRIs tend to not be high on most people’s “Super-Fun Things to Do” list. But a new facility in Perrysburg is working to change those experiences.

First off, the only Mammography Sensory Suite in the United States is designed to decrease the anxiety that many women feel during this type of breast exam—one that many dread so much that they skip it. In the Sensory Suite, clients choose a relaxing scene with accompanying sounds, like an aquarium. A light, calming fragrance scents the air. “It’s a way to take control of the experience,” says a Mercy spokesperson.

No less innovative is Ohio’s only Caring MRI Suite. Typically, the procedure involves rolling a patient headfirst into a long tube, a nightmare for claustrophobes who sometimes are given anti-anxiety meds to get through the experience. Mercy Perrysburg uses a shorter machine that provides the ability to enter feet first. The state-of-the-art machine features improved body imaging capabilities, including exceptional breast and abdominal imaging for easier, more accurate diagnosis. It also has the ability to scan more quickly and efficiently than traditional MRI scanners, reducing exam times. It’s quieter, making the patient feel more at ease while undergoing the procedure.

The suites are part of the new Mercy Emergency Services facility in Perrysburg. The first, and so far only, free-standing fully-equipped emergency room in northwest Ohio is over 17,000 square feet. The care that’s been given to designing the specialized suites has gone into making the entire emergency room a quantum leap from the crowded and chaotic environment that typically comes to mind with the term “ER.” The waiting room is colorful, and the ten exam rooms have unique theme decor, including two pediatric exam rooms. And of course, the most important element, a caring and compassionate staff that includes board-certified physicians and technicians, is in place. Should a patient need additional care, there’s full access to ambulances as well as a helipad. There’s also an outpatient lab that welcomes walk-ins 24/7.

“Recognizing that innovation and strategic thinking are necessary in today’s healthcare environment, Mercy is enhancing access to quality care with the grand opening of this facility,” says Kathy Valtin, Mercy’s Marketing & Communication Manager. “We’re excited to be part of the Perrysburg community, and are proud to provide the latest technology and a team of highly skilled healthcare providers.”

Mercy Emergency Services- Perrysburg,
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