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Getting the Itch Out

Anyone who’s dealt with head lice knows that the issue isn’t just a scalp that never stops itching. It’s also emotional trauma. “I get 20-minute cryfest calls a lot,” says Sarah Casello-Rees, who has just opened her fourth branch of Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique, the first in Ohio. She understands; it was her own struggle with

Extreme Team Spirit

Many parents agree that the benefits of sport go way beyond the physical aspects. Kids learn social skills, discipline, and the particular kind of self-esteem that comes from working as part of  a team. But those who gravitate toward solo activities—skateboarding, BMX (bike motocross), inline skating—often find themselves on their own. “With any of these

Hands Across the Caribbean

Put a crayon in the hand of an American kid and you may need to watch out for artwork on your walls. But when Jeanna Heuring, the Gifted Intervention Specialist at the Toth and Woodbury School in Perrysburg, gave crayons to kids at the Brad Reddick School in rural Haiti, “they had no idea what

Love x 4 (+ 1)

If you ever run into Laura Baldwin, you’ll recognize her as the woman with quadruplets and an adorable 4-year-old girl.