All dolled up

A pair of chic sisters are giving area moms and children an easy way to keep up with the Kardashians, at least when it comes to having fabulous style.

The Ballut sisters Saeda, 27, and Mervat, 25 are the fashionable forces behind Dolled Up Hair 2 Toe women’s clothing boutique which recently expanded to include designer children’s clothes. Their children’s boutique LayAna’s Doll House is named after their own daughters Juliana, 8 months, and Layla, 4 and includes brands such as True Religion and Cute Booty.

LayAna’s Doll House started when Mervat custom ordered a dress from Hot Miami for Layla to match one she had purchased for herself. The boutique is scheduled to carry Hot Miami’s “Mommy and Me” line when it is released this year. They also will offer custom mommy/child jogging outfits from Cute Booty by Kelly Nishimoto.

Dolled Up Hair 2 Toe started in 2011 when a friend wanted to order a bandage-style dress Mervat owned. Already ordering dresses from designers for themselves, the sisters realized their style resonated with other Toledo women.  They now carry lines including Holt, BCBG Maxxaria, Michael Costello and Givanni, with casual to haute-inspired red carpet looks.

The Middle Eastern beauties have two long-term reasons for working hard — to make their business succeed and to support their daughters’ futures.

“We wanted to create a path for them so when they grow up they have something going,” Mervat said. “That’s our job. We’re their mommies.”

Dolled Up Hair 2 Toe is located at 5307 Monroe St Ste C. 419-720-7070.
Open Tuesday-Thursday, noon to 7pm; Friday-Saturday, noon to 9pm and Sunday noon to 5pm.