A perfect day for reading


Claire’s Day, the annual children’s event in honor of Claire Lynsey Rubini, takes over the Maumee Library on Saturday, May 15 for a day devoted to life, authors, illustrators, and reading excellence. Children can meet authors and illustrators, participate in activities, make crafts, and enjoy storytime throughout the day. An entertainment tent and teen cafe also add to the festivities. Here’s are the people you’ll meet:

Karen Bell-Brege – founder of improv comedy troupe, Totally Unrehearsed Theatre and author of children’s books, including the Chill Art Sketchbook.
Darrin Brege – cover artist and illustrator of the Chill Art Sketchbook, inspired by his work in the Michigan and American Chillers book series.
Wil Clay – storyteller and illustrator of children’s books, including Little Eight John and I Am Rosa Parks.
Shutta Crum – children’s author and storyteller, works include Thunder-Boomer!, debuted in 2009.
Carole Gerber – author of Little Red Bat (coming in spring 2010!) and Winter Trees, one of five books chosen for the 2008 John Burroughs List of Nature Books for Young Readers.
Diana Magnuson – author of children’s books including Home on the Range and Melissa and the Hammock Mystery.
Shelley Pearsall – author of the new book, All Shook Up and the 2007 ALA Notable Book, All of the Above.
Christine Petrell Kallevig – storyteller, origami artist and author of fiction for readers ages 9-12.
Julie K. Rubini – founder of Claire’s Day and author of Hidden Ohio.
Michael B. Spradlin – author of action-packed young adult novels and detailed picture books, including Baseball from A to Z.
Tracie Vaughn Zimmer – children’s author of the upcoming Cousins of Clouds — Elephant Poems (2011) and Steady Hands — Poems About Work.
Christina Wald – illustrator of Little Red Bat (2010), Tim, the Golden Lion Tamarin and Black Beauty.

For more info, visit www.clairesday.org